Talking denim with Paulien Riemis

Talking denim with Paulien Riemis

We're talking denim today with Antwerp-based blogger Paulien Riemis, author of the blog We've also asked her to style our MARCEL top two ways here. 

How do you like to wear denim? How does it fit your day-to-day style?

Whenever I wear denim (which is often!), I used it as a base to start an outfit. I pick a pair of jeans, jacket or even a denim trench coat and then build a look around it. For some reason denim just doesn’t work as well for me when I use it as a finishing touch! I think that’s because I don’t want it to be a last-minute addition, I want my denim to be a strong showstopper. 

And how has it evolved with your style ?

As a teenager and student I used to be more into the classic more rock ’n roll sort of denim: think shredded jeans and hand-painted jackets. I bought a lot of ripped second hand denim pieces and combined these with my other eclectic vintage finds. These days I definitely tend to go for a more simple and sophisticated look. Light denim really has my preference, as it reminds me of a relaxed 70s California vibe, and that’s exactly where I want to be this Summer. I feel like I’m really growing through different kinds of denim! 

Your thoughts on the 100% denim look? 

Oh, I LOVE a full denim look! I’ve been wearing denim on denim since I was a teen, and I think the more grown-up version can be very stylish as well. I tend to wear the same hues of denim together, instead of contrasting light and dark. Again, this to me feels so chic and relaxed. 

Your daytime go-to outfit?

Lately I’m very much into wide-legged jeans, so my current favourite daytime look would be wide jeans, a white tank top, a leather overshirt and flip-flops. 

Your evening go-to outfit?

Talking parties, I like casual and underground clubbing, so I’d dress according to that. I’d wear a cool sleeveless vest like the Marcel on top of a black t-shirt dress with a pair of comfy boots and chunky jewelry. Simple, easy to dance in and very very cool! 

What’s the oldest piece of denim that you still have in your wardrobe?

I don’t like to keep pieces that don’t fit me anymore, and as I'm growing older and my body is changing too, I don’t have a lot of old pairs of jeans. I think my oldest denim jacket must be one that I got cropped and hand painted at a festival a few years ago. I don’t really wear it anymore, but it just has so many good memories to it that I like to keep it anyway. 

If you had to keep only one denim piece in your wardrobe?

A pair of high-waisted straight fit jeans. Whenever I don’t know what to wear, I just grab a pair of high-waisted jeans because it flatters me best and literally goes with anything. You can dress it up or down, wear it in all seasons and for all kinds of occasions. A classic! 



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